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    The tales, times and seasons of Anne Sophie Avé and her love for Ghana

    Her time in Ghana as a diplomat may have officially been over for some months now, but there is hardly any question as to the impact that Anne Sophie Avé has had in the minds and hearts of a number of Ghanaians.

    Particularly noted for her imposing presence in promoting tourism and entertainment in Ghana during and even after her exit from Ghana as the French Ambassador to Ghana, Sophie has been one of the major names who still makes headlines.

    Apart from her impressive interpersonal relationship, which has been captured in several posts and photos shared on social media, she has always made a good effort to stay in touch with the locals in Ghana.

    In fact, ahead of leaving Ghana for France, following her official duty in the country, Anne Sophie Avé reaffirmed her love for Ghana by indicating that she would spend her 2022 Christmas in Ghana.

    According to her, that is “because I know that December is in Ghana and nowhere else in the world.”

    Anne Sophie also stated that leaving Ghana makes her emotional.

    “And I try not to be emotional and I try not to think that I’m gonna be leaving because I’ll be crying all along and it’s very devastating. I only try to focus on when I am coming back and try to remember all the amazing memories I have and all the friends I have and when should I next come, hopefully in December,” she said in a GTV interview.

    Below are some of her best moments captured during her time in Ghana:


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