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    Coupons Technologies launches new coupons website

    Coupons Technologies, Ghana’s,  flagship service COUPONS.COM.GH,is  a web application for business owners to reach out to customers online through enticing discounts and promotions. Upon registration, businesses can create a free online listing, and offer coupons and discounts on goods and services in a wide range of categories; Food, Beauty and Cosmetics, Health and Fitness, Clothing, Electronics and more. Users can browse through the amazing offers available, download free coupons/tickets and redeem them at the shop or service center. Registration for both business owners/event organizers as well as regular users is FREE.

    The website/app is a game changer in Ghana’s shopping space as more businesses are shifting to mobile marketing – consumers wouldn’t have to access individual brand websites or social media pages to search for promos, compare offers or redeem a coupon. Instead, they’re served with a wide range of carefully curated and well-categorized promos based on their geographical location and preference in this single user-friendly platform. 

    The website is designed to serve two (2) major groups of people; the business owners (shops, event organizers, service providers) AND users (consumers and the general public). Both groups would have to complete a registration form that requires a valid email address and a password. Business owners are able to create free online promos and electronic coupons in a space of five minutes with the ‘Run a promo feature, and will only be required to input in plain and simple text:

    • Title of promo (eg. 60% Off, Buy One Get One Free - BOGOF)

    • Short description of the promo (eg. 80% discount on all menu items at Joe’s pizza)

    • Select a suitable category

    • Promo terms and  conditions (including any additional requirements)

    • Name of the business, address and city of the running promo (preferably Google address for easy map directions)

    • Promo end date and contacts

    • Upload convincing and informative photos of your promo, place and services (include company logo if any) and create your promo listing (with an electronic coupon automatically generated for users)

    Users on the other hand will have to download these automatic generated electronic coupons with the ‘Grab Coupon’ feature available only on the user profiles. 

    We all love discounts, don’t we? – Historically, people always sort to buy their favorite products and services at the lowest prices without a compromising on quality. A recent survey showed that about 90% of consumers in the United States of American always search for deals before they make up their minds to purchase any item. This survey also saw an increase in sales at places and services that adopted the method of promos and couponing. Being the first of its kind in Ghana, a survey was conducted to ask Ghanaians on the impact of promotions on their daily shopping activities:

    • 88% agreed to have bought a product JUST because it was on discount.

    • 84% also agreed that they have been motivated by a promotion/discount to purchase a brand other than their regular brands.

    • 86% have been influenced to buy more of a particular product because it was on discount.

    • 85% agreed that whenever they purchase an item on discount, they consider it a good buy.

    Worldwide, these trends hold and Ghana is no exception. This is how couponing has grown its relevance to business owners and consumers. 

    “Business owners should take advantage of public holidays and store anniversaries, by adopting flexible coupon strategies in the form of flat discounts or giveaways to attract new customers and build brand awareness” – Mr. Dziwornu added.

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