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    Good sex should make a woman fall asleep – Nana Romeo claims

    During a recent panel discussion on whether size matters in a relationship, outspoken radio personality Nana Romeo sparked a flurry of reactions with his bold statement.

    During an appearance on GhOne TV, Romeo unabashedly declared, “Good sex should make a woman fall asleep.”

    The discussion, which centred around the significance of physical attributes in intimate relationships, drew a diverse range of opinions from the panellists.

    In some social media reactions, netizens expressed their thoughts on Romeo’s statement.

    One comment humorously stated, “Naa lie, she will rather ask for more. When she falls asleep, it means she’s bored and doesn’t want to talk to you again ????????????.”

    Another comment added, “Makes both fall asleep but the ladies are the first to fall off.”

    In contrast, a third comment shed light on the challenges individuals face in their everyday lives, saying, “In this economy, you will be having sex and thinking of the next meal and rent almost expiring, and your dream of building becoming a never-never. Just so much responsibility for the Ghanaian young adult. We just do a quickie and start running around.”


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