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    Ayisha Modi didn’t make Abass Sariki popular – Diamond Appiah

    Entertainer and failed politician Diamond Appiah has joined in the conversation of who made Abass Sariki popular and a known person in Ghana.

    Following Abass Sariki’s outburst he has nothing to do with social media commentator Ayisha Modi, some fans and netizens have called him out as ungrateful.

    According to some of these people, Abass Sariki wouldn’t be known if not for the activities of Ayisha Modi who introduced him to the whole world as her husband though they are not officially married.

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    Diamond Appiah whose name has been mentioned countless times by Ayisha Modi has come out to set the records straight by saying Ayisha Modi never played a role in Abass Sariki becoming a known figure in the country.

    She explained that the name Abass Sariki has been known from way back before the introduction of Instagram because he was a famous land guard.

    In an audio that has gone viral, she described Ayisha Modi as a Zongo borla bird who always likes to brag on Tiktok

    Listen to the audio below:

    She has vowed to come back with part 2 and we can’t wait to bring that to our cherished readers.

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