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    Anthrax outbreak: Buy meat from only certified abattoirs - Chief butcher urges public

    The public has been urged to buy meat products from only certified abattoirs following an outbreak of anthrax at the Kasoa new market in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Central Region.

    The market's chief butcher, Issah Musah, said to avoid buying unwholesome meat products, the public must only buy from certified slaughter houses.

    The chairman of the Kasoa slaughterhouse urged consumers not to panic about the outbreak because meat processed at the new market abattoir is examined by veterinary officers of the local assembly before transported to the market.  

    He said it is important for the public to buy meat from the abattoir.

    The chief butcher also thanked the police and environmental health officers for their efforts at protecting the people of Kasoa and  urged them to continue with the good work they are doing to ensure the sustainability of their business.

    He urged the people to trust in them and continue to buy from them.

    Some members at the abattoir added their voices by saying that buying meat products from certified slaughterhouses helps to trace the source of any disease outbreak should there be any.

    Binduri Anthrax outbreak: One dead, 11 others infected

    A patient succumbed to a suspected case of anthrax in the Binduri District of the Upper East Region recently after consuming the carcass of a dead anthrax-infected cow.

    In a statement issued on Friday, 2 June 2023, by the regional health directorate of the Ghana Health Service, Regional Director of Health Services, Dr Emmanuel Dzotse, said on 1 June 2023, they received notification of two suspected cases of anthrax with one death in the Binduri District "following the consumption of dead cattle".

    "In all, four cattle have died in the affected community," the statement noted.

    The directorate reported that: "So far, 11 suspected cases have been identified, and contact-tracing efforts are underway in the affected community."

    The directorate warned all the neighbouring districts, especially those sharing borders with Binduri, to be on high alert and intensify surveillance activities to prevent the further spread of the disease.

    It noted that samples from all the suspected cases for testing and treatment with Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline.

    Apart from urging the communities to desist from eating the carcasses of cattle without conducting due diligence about the cause of death, the directorate also encouraged cattle owners in the districts to access veterinary services for a holistic control of the disease.

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