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    David Oscar ‘Caught on Camera Behind Flames’ … See What Happened Hours Later!

    You may already know Ghanaian creative artist, David Oscar Dogbe for his exquisite music and acting talents but you may have missed out on this secret one; his culinary skills!

    In some photos intercepted by this reporter, David Oscar is seen in his kitchen behind a lighted stove, preparing a traditional Ghanaian dish; banku and okro soup.

    He is seen stirring the banku in a cooking pot, with the okro soup simmering on another burner on the stove.

    Banku and Okro soup is a delicacy in Ghana prepared with chopped okra, vegetables and assorted fish and beef for the soup. The banku are dumplings made from a mixture of corn and cassava dough.

    Snap shots from the preparation of the Ghanaian delicacy by the Germany-based musician has set the internet ablaze since it hit online with threads of comments from fans praising him over his cooking arts.

    David Oscar's culinary skills are not surprising, as he disclosed to this reporter how his father took him through cooking lessons when he was in his teens.

    “I was taught by my late father, who by the way was a fantastic cook. Cooking does not only help me make good lifestyle choices, it’s actually one of the ways I relax and unwind,” he said.

    It comes as no surprise that David Oscar is warming up his fans towards his annual concert of music and dining dubbed “Reggae Spot” at Havilla Restaurant, in Koforidua in few months.

    It will be interesting to see David Oscar entertain fans with music from his album and other reggae legends come November, at ‘Reggae Spot’ event in Koforidua, Ghana. Who knows, he might surprise fans again with yet another secret talent!

    Keep your eyes on this space for more news about David Oscar Dogbe, his music and events.

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