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    ECKANKAR Spiritual ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR 2023 to gather thousands in August

    One of the leading Faith-based organisations in Ghana, the ECKANKAR Ghana, will hold its largest annual ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR 2023 come the month of August.

    The event is expected to gather hundreds of thousands of passionate and highly spiritual people from all walks of life.

    The three-day Seminar which is on the theme "Your Life Is A Spiritual Adventure" seeks among other things, to offer spiritual empowerment, highlighting experience workshops, spiritual discussion, and other activities for greater spiritual growth.

    The year's edition of the ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR is scheduled to hold from the 25th to 27th of August 2023 at the Temple of ECK Ghana at Okponglo East Legon, located next to the Erata Hotel.

    Again, the seminar which will feature a lot of workshops for beginners, new members, and fellow ECKANKAR members is free and open to the general public.

    It was announced by the President of ECKANKAR Ghana, Mr. Aspect Caiquo.

    This was when he led a delegation from ECKANKAR Ghana to pay a visit to the Ga Mantse, His Royal Majesty King Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II in Accra on Friday 24th March 2023.

    The purpose of the visit was to officially invite the Distinguished Ga Chief to the 2023 edition of their Annual Seminar tagged ECK AFRICAN SOUL ADVENTURE SEMINAR

    In an interaction with the media, the President of ECKANKAR Ghana, Mr. Aspect Caiquo, said ECKANKAR represents the true path of spiritual freedom.

    "We cannot do anything on Ga Land without informing the owners about our intentions. We are here today to inform His Royal Majesty what will be happening on his land. We have invited a lot of prominent spiritual speakers across the globe and we are expecting thousands of people within that week", he announced.

    He further mentioned that this seminar will throw more light on the teachings of ECKANKAR and help individuals discover their true spiritual purpose in life.

    He noted that according to the teachings of ECKANKAR, "You are a soul. You are a child of God and your survival destiny is to become a Co-worker with God to spread divine love to all those around you.

    ECKANKAR has a living master who ensures the purity of the teachings. He acts as both an outer and an inner teacher."

    Mr. Aspect Caiquo also used the opportunity to present an undisclosed amount of cash to the Ga king as well as other items which included Water and Soft Drinks. 

    In his words of appreciation, King Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II commended the team for paying homage and officially inviting him to this year's ECK Seminar.

    He assured the team of his full support during this year's seminar.

    "We have heard about you, 'ECKANKAR but we don't really know what you do; it is good that you have come officially to introduce yourself today. I urge that you get a convenient time to come over again to educate us more on what happens within your organization. You have my full support in your upcoming event. As you have invited me, I will come and support the event," he said.


    ECKANKAR is ancient wisdom for today. Its teachings, which resurfaced in 1965, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God.

    Whatever your religious background, they show how to look and listen within yourself to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual connectedness.

    See for yourself—perhaps for the first time—how to live a happy, balanced, productive life and put daily concerns into loving perspective.

    ECKANKAR has a few basic beliefs. Simple spiritual exercises are taught that lead to the experience of the Light and Sound of God.

    As we practice the spiritual exercises, we learn to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    According to ECKANKAR, each of us is a Soul, a spark of God sent to this world to gain spiritual experience.

    ECKANKAR studies dreams as a source of inner truth, learning how working with our dreams from a spiritual perspective can help us handle daily challenges and learn from them.

    The Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR is Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

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