Produce our baby dead or alive – Couple fights Ridge Hospital

A couple in Accra has rejected claims by nurses at Ridge Hospital that their baby girl is dead and are demanding to see the body of the baby to confirm their assertion.

John K. Gabulja, father of the said baby insists, the baby who is one of the twin, was strong and kicking after his wife brought forth, hence he will not accept claim by the nurses.

Recounting his story on Adom FM’s morning show “Dwaso Nsem”, Mr. Gabulja said, he took his wife to the hospital on Wednesday, May 16 and she had premature twins.

According to him, the babies were only 31 weeks so they had to be placed in an incubator.

Mr. Gabulja explained that, his wife was very weak after delivery so he had to care for the premature babies with the help of nurses.

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“I was asked to pay GHC600 and buy baby dresses before I see the babies. I did exactly that and saw them very strong and kicking,” he stated.

But interestingly, days later, he was told by doctors at the facility that one of the twin girls had died due to an infection.

“I was very surprised at the news because my girls were in good health when I left them. My wife was distraught so
I had to comfort her,” Mr. Gabulja noted.

He indicated that what triggered his suspicion that something had gone wrong was when he demanded to see the body of the baby.

“When I asked to see my dead baby, the doctors told me to relax because they are trying to save the life of the other twin. A counsellor at the hospital called Dr. Brako urged me to be strong as they work to sustain the other baby”.

A development Mr. Gabulja maintains shocked him to the core as he didn’t expect such awful incident at hospital like Ridge now known as the Greater Accra Regional hospital.

“I’m surprised such a thing could happen at Ridge. They should produce my child either dead or alive” he fumed.

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