Pregnant drug-addicts killing babies softly

A drug-addicted pregnant woman has no conscience, sympathy, and remorse for the child she is carrying in her womb. All that she cares about is more drugs to satisfy her demand. The more they take it, the more they want it, talking about hard drugs like crack and cocaine.

Due to the constant taking of drugs which in turn take its toll on them, the possibility of damaging her fetus cannot be prevented. Some infants are born with deformed hearts, digestive systems, lungs, and limbs. Others develop serious or strange sicknesses as they grow.

A drug-addicted woman has no time for herself and her baby. Drugs induce them to neglect their babies. The common idea to feed her baby is not worthy and when they do, the children are inadequately fed.

A pregnant drug-addicted woman is always penniless. They sell whatever they have to raise money for drugs and many times, they abuse themselves more by selling their bodies. Some of these acts take place in front of the children.

It hurts to see an innocent baby going through such an ordeal because of the acts of an irresponsible mother. If they know that time is not available to take care of a child, why do they give birth to babies, without prevention?

In the past, many have suggested that such mothers should face punishment. As a matter of fact, neither punishment nor treatment for mothers can improve things. There are many drug addicts that were helped to get off drugs but later went into it again.

The only solution is the babies have to be taken from them. If there is any law which allows an addicted mother to have her child, that law must be abolished. Drug addicted mothers should be banned not to see their children.

Giving birth to a child without seeing them could hunt a mother for the rest of life than one living in a haunted house. That could teach them a lesson in a very hard way. Even though some may not care about such actions, this is one important solution to reduce the birth rate of these irresponsible women.

Drug addicted mothers threaten the well-being of their children. If a mother can’t take care of herself how can she take care of her child? Instead of trusting these children to the care of mothers who are killing the children softly, the children should rather be protected. Save the children.

Columnist: Joel Savage

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