Police Commander quenches thirst of displaced children in Chereponi

Some children said to have been displaced at Chereponi in the latest clashes between two ethnic groups were literally saved at the weekend by the District Police Commander who offered them water to quench their thirst.

Chief Supt Amankwatia was photographed giving bottled water to the group of children and their mothers who were said to be fleeing Chereponi due to the clash between the Konkombas and the Chorkosis.

The photographs, shared Monday morning on social media by the Police Service, has attracted praise for the Police Service from a section of Ghanaians while others have described the act as a publicity stunt.

The Police Service has in the last few weeks come under criticism over some unprofessional conducts of its personnel.

“May God bless him for providing relief to them,” Kwadwo Agyei Brobbey commented on Facebook.

For Sammy Neat, though it is a very good gesture, he said it is not anything special as most Ghanaians are doing just that in helping others in need.

“Very good but this is not anything special, this is what all Ghanaians must be doing. Helping one another regardless of your level in the society, it’s shameful to see this as new invention,” he wrote.

Kwesi Mensah Nyagbe appeared not to be moved by the gesture as he posted “Ghana Police is never your friend”

“Publicity stunt,” Ebow Acquah wrote, but described it as a “great move,” adding “We need to see more of this. God bless you”

Yamoah Charles described the act as “Brilliant. This is the type of policing we are all looking for. Not the one that hides behind the law to take money from the citizens.”

Oliver Bilonim lauded the Ghana Police and the Commander for the gesture but said they need to do more than just that.

He stated: “But Mr Commander let both the military and your boys to be neutral. I learnt they are killing one faction, that’s the konkombas and igniting the chakosis burning the konkombas communities”.

“Thanks for your act of generosity but couldn’t he have given the bottle of water for the children to share while he goes to help out where he may be needed most? Is this not just a publicity stunt?” Eyrah Foli SJ wrote.

Ishmael Bash also wrote: “This is a real policeman not those robbers who block the road for GHC1?.

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