Photo: Linda Ikeji teases haters with baby bump

Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has officially announced to haters that, their trolling is not enough to deter her from flaunting her beautiful baby bump as she dares to bare it in her latest post on social media.

In her most recent snapshot on Instagram, the “filthy rich” blogger revealed that insults don’t get to her after over 12 years of online trolling in her experience as a blogger.

In this post, the ‘defiant’ Linda Ikeji is seen wearing a jean exposing her perfectly shaped baby bump as she demonstrates to other pregnant Mamas, how to rock high waist jeans while heavily pregnancy.

The accompanying text read, “So, a few friends have been calling me, asking me how I’m holding up with all the trolling on the internet since I announced my pregnancy.

“I kind of felt bad for them because they were worrying over something I wasn’t. I’ve been on the internet for nearly 12 years now, I’ve made money, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve written about folks and stepped on toes (mostly of course, unknowingly…lol),” she said.

She indicated that the internet is her home, office and her crib and doesn’t intend to go silent on it anytime soon.

“There’s nothing I haven’t been called on the internet, and it will never stop, because, this is where I plan to do business for the rest of my life! So we all are stuck [here] together. I’m not going anywhere…lol.,” she teased.


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