People only see the final product, but it’s not all rosy – KiDi

‘Sugar Daddy’ KiDi finds it interesting that people hold the perception of successful musicians always laughing their way through to the top.

His assertion that it is not all rosy on the come-up for musicians, was made while he shared his story on Showbiz A-Z on Saturday April 9, on Joy FM.

During the discussion on the topic, ‘Breaking Through Ghana’s Rough and tough Music terrain’ the ‘Touch It’ singer detailed portions of his journey, chronicling the challenges he faced prior to finding his feet.

Kidi revealed that, his challenges ranged from getting his parents’ approval to do music, to joining reality shows, playing hours of guitar while singing for only 50 Ghana Cedis as remuneration, amongst others.

However, because the fans do not witness the formation stages, some hold the view that it was easy for him.

He explained that a section of the public also believe he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth due to the light complexion of his skin.

However, Kidi insists “it’s been a rough journey, it’s never been easy. Obviously, people only see the made- product, people just see when it’s done – when a song is out, the video is out, and you’re looking nice”.

‘Sugar Daddy’ Kidi is one of Ghana’s promising talents.

His recent feat at the Indigo O2, together with label mate Kuami Eugene, is one of the many reasons why many describe him as a super star.


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