Parliament has no credibility to investigate GFA scandal

I don’t know what Prof. Michael Aaron Oquaye was thinking, but it would be grossly out of order for a Parliament, a remarkable number of whose membership stands accused of the criminal drawing of double salaries, to facilely presume to legitimately stand in judgment of the subjects of the undercover investigations of Mr. Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger-Eye PI team captured in the filmic documentary titled “Number 12” (See “Parliamentary Committee to Investigate GFA Over Anas Video” MyJoyOnline.com / Modernghana.com 6/7/18). The documentary, as we all know, is an exposé on the widely alleged incidence of rank corruption at the headquarters of Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The Speaker of Parliament claims that since no Ghanaian citizen is immune from being investigated by our Members of Parliament, it automatically stands to reason for the proverbial august House to establish a committee of enquiry, primarily based on the Tiger-Eye PI documentary, to critically examine the corporate operations of the Nyantakyi Group. By this assertion of the inviolable authority of our National Assembly, is the former Dean of the Law Faculty of the country’s flagship academy, the University of Ghana, implying that those Members of Parliament who have been reportedly found by the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to be criminally culpable of stealing from the very people whose business they have been mandated to promote and protect, therefore, immune from either prosecution or any form of disciplinary sanctions?

It also rather amusing to learn that at least one of the known double-salary-dipping thieves is among the MPs who are calling for the officials of the Ghana Football Association to be investigated. No such presumption of self-righteous indignation could be more lurid and preposterous. It must not simply be allowed to happen! At any rate, is Speaker Oquaye, by his rather bald pronouncement, implying that Ghanaians are far less interested in the criminal activities of the former Mahama cabinet appointees who have been accused of deliberately and criminally taking home financial payouts that they neither deserved nor were legally authorized to draw?

Even more bizarre is the patent fact that the Tiger-Eye PI documentary is decidedly composed of actors or journalists pretending to be prospective investors. In other words, “Number 12” is the veritable handicraft of poseurs and not real investors or prospective investors. Put into simple terms, the documentary has more significant entertainment value as well as being instructive on how to fight rank corruption at the headquarters of the GFA and, indeed, the country at large, than it is forensically relevant. In other words, as an authentic forensic evidence for the rigorous or serious prosecution of Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi, the embattled President of the Ghana Football Association, and his purported associates in any acts of fraudulent criminality, I have my doubts.
Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D.

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