‘Our gospel musicians have become materialistic’

Pastor Love Hammond, ex-husband of gospel singer, Christiana Love has stated categorically that the Ghanaian gospel industry is flooded with prostitutes.

According to the outspoken preacher, the gospel industry is gradually losing its value due to the sex scandals that always pop up in the industry.

He further continued that, he knows some people will criticize him for speaking the truth which he believes is the only way to resurrect the ‘dead’ gospel industry.

He made this revelation in a phone interview with Dr Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra.

“The media is a mafia group, they support evil. The reason why the industry is not going well is prostitution and dirty practices. You can insult me about that, but that’s factual.” he said.

“As a gospel musician if someone offends you on Facebook, you do not need to attack the person back,” he added.

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