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Oral sex is okay as long as it provides satisfaction – Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Renowned international evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh has rejected negative claims about oral sex.

According to the man of God, oral sex is ok as long as it provides satisfaction for both parties. Many are the things that spice up one’s sex life but most couples have little or no knowledge about such skills. There are those who even find the slightest intimate actions offensive or even immoral.

Top of the list is oral sex, something often thought of as unholy,contrary to religious belief and generates debate.

addressing audience at the Maiden edition of duvet experience, Dr Lawrence Tetteh shared some strong opinions on the matter of oral sex. Reaching Orgasm is difficult for most, well this is according to outspoken marriage counselor, George Lutterodt, who educated patrons on techniques to reach orgasm, how to communicate before, during and after sex.

Until recently, sex education was rare, most people prefer that sex talk is left under the sheets but that perception is fast fading.

Subsequently, GHOne tv will bring you more from the duvet experience, things that will make you yearn for the next edition of the successful event.

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