Obiaa Wo Ne Master – Edem Trolls Sarkodie After Being Humiliated By Nasty C

Edem ‘Go get’em’ has hilariously trolled Sarkodie after South African rapper Nasty C revealed he turned down his requests for a feature – twice!

Edem, who was once humiliated by Sarkodie, is revelling in the news that Sarkodie was also humiliated by someone else.

As it turns out, Obiaa wo ne master!

South African rapper Nasty C revealed in a recent freestyle that he declined two feature requests from Sarkodie after the Ghanaian rapper refused to shake his hand many years back.

Multiple times there have been reports about how arrogant Sarkodie is and this time it appears to have come back to bite him in the backside.

Nasty C met Sark and apparently the Ghanaian felt too pompous to shake his hand because he was a nobody at the time.

The South African put that grudge within him and pledged that if he made it he will get back at Sarkodie.

He did become big later on and responded in kind.

Nasty C revealed what he did to Sarkodie in a new freestyle.

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