NPP needs visionary leaders for 2020 victory – NPP man

Mr Richard Ahiagbah, a Policy Analyst has launched a campaign to contest the position of National General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ho with a call on delegates to elect “visionary leaders” for the Party’s victory in 2020.

He expressed gratitude to the founders of the Party and current leadership for establishing a “firm foundation”, and said it was left to the present generation to work hard and make the Party the ultimate choice in the 21st century.

“The election must not be based on popularity or appearance, but delegates must consider those who served outside the lime light. Choose visionary leaders over claims of popularity and achievement. It’s the only way we can galvanise our people for common victory”, M Ahiagbah said.

The Aspirant, a member of NPP’s USA Communication Team, noted that though all Party faithful worked towards victory at the 2016 polls, it appeared that the grassroots of the Party still felt distanced from the benefits, and promised to reorganise them to strengthen the party.

“Victory at 2016 was a collective effort yet, there is some noise and despair within the Party’s grassroots. The Party must be made to care for its people, and all barriers to unity must be eliminated to pave way for them to be well organised”, he added.

He explained that his aim was to rejuvenate grassroots in Volta and northern parts of the country to secure new strongholds for the Party.

Mr Ahiagbah said the 2016 general elections testified to the political diversity of the Volta Region and said, “we need to end the political stigma once and for all, therefore Voltarians must support a true son of the land to help the Region occupy the right place in the history of Ghana.

“My dream of becoming a General Secretary is not for personal gain but deeply rooted in ideology. The ground is ripe and the Party is ready to embrace a full vote from Volta. I am determined to put a strong foot forward, and willing to make full sacrifices and contribute towards making the Party a household one”.

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