NPP election: Chairman Asare Bediako returns to Contest Wontumi again

Former Asokwa Constituency Chairman Mr. Asare Bediako has announced his intention to contest as Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) when the party opens nominations for the regional executives’ election.

The experienced politician in 2018 picked the nomination to contest the incumbent Ashanti Regional Chairman Barnard Antwi Boasiako known in party politics as (Wontumi).

A few days after winning the heart of the majority of the party delegates, President Nana Akufo allegedly intervened on behalf of Wontumi and the party national executives, compelling the aspirant to step down for Wontumi to run the election unopposed.

Four years on, the Former Asokwa Constituency Chairman who served the constituency for 24 years has started campaigning with his supporters behind the scene with the aim of defeating the incumbent Chairman.

Speaking on Abusua FM in Kumasi, on Monday 18th April 2022, Mr. Asare Bediako said Wontumi has at the moment paid his dues to the party.

“It will be unfair for me to say Wontumi has not achieved anything significant to the party. He has done his part, it’s time for me to take over the management of the party in NPP’s major stronghold’’

He said his main vision for the party is to ensure he promotes unity among all the 44 NPP Members of Parliament in the region.

“One thing I have noticed is that most of our MPs don’t have good working relations with their constituency Chairman and other constituency executives. Our MPs work in parliament for the betterment of the party. Therefore, I don’t see why the Constituency Chairman and executives will be working against the MP. If I’m elected, I will make sure all these issues are resolved so that the NPP and Constituency executive do not work in isolation.

Why I’m contesting Wontumi

He described Chairman Wontumi’s administration as a “one-man Show” that doesn’t recognize the input of elders of the party in the region.

He noted for this reason, the majority of the party elders have discontinued communicating for the party and resolving minor issues within the party in the region which is affecting growth and unity for purpose.

Mr. Asare Bediako assured his supporters that he will never turn his back on them by stepping down for any of the aspirants again for any reason.

He stressed the 2024 general election has its own dynamics which needs a different approach to break the 8 for the NPP.

He said the NPP will shock Ghanaians and other political divides who believe the NPP has done nothing significant to merit the votes of electorates for another term in office.

Relationship with grassroots

Mr. Asare Bediako said, most of the grassroots supporters are his personal friends, particularly the serial callers, adding that some come to him any time they need his support.

He added that he has good plans for them because they play a major role in the success of the party.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com

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