No human being should replace God: Christian Council  


Christians in Ghana have been reminded that no human person or object should take the place of Christ as an object of worship.

This was issued in a communique by the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference at a joint meeting in Accra.

According to the communique, they have observed with “grave concern various abuses in some worshipping centres in Ghana, in the name of spirituality, prophetic revelations and divine intervention”.

They expressed the fact that such happenings in the Christian Fraternity discredit the gospel and cause people to despise the positive influence of God.

“We are concerned that the role of Christianity “as the salt of the earth and light of the world” is losing impact as a result of self-serving practices of some Christian leaders,” the communique read.

They detested the practice and called on such leaders to tend the flock of the Lord faithfully and urged them to teach with the Word of God to develop a good prayer life and relationship with God.

The communique comes at a time when certain pastors such as Bishop Obinim, a Ghanaian pastor, has claimed that he is an angel and was seen in a video that went viral in which he narrated how he went to heaven and battled with Angel Gabriel for failing to accomplish a task he (Obinim) assigned to him.


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