NLA donates ¢15k to visually impaired veteran actor William Addo

The National Lottery Authority through its Good Causes Foundation has donated GH¢15,000 to veteran actor William Addo.

According to the NLA, they could not sit quietly after seeing the actor, who had gone blind some years back, open up about his struggles in the years following his visual impairment.

Speaking to TV personality MzGee, Deputy Coordinator Ama Frimpong stated that the actor used to feature in the NLA’s advertisements.

She stated that after years of partnership the Authority wanted to come to the actor’s aid, hence the donation.

“Good Causes Foundation thought that this is somebody that has served his nation well, at some point he had a relationship with NLA. He has paid his dues,” Madam Frimpong stated.

“This is what the Foundation is all about, helping the aged, the orphans, the vulnerable and the marginalised in society. So we thought why not get something done about it? So on behalf of the NLA Good Causes Foundation, we present this cheque to Mr. Addo,” she added.

This comes after the actor in an interview with MzGee revealed he had been struggling after going blind about 10 years ago.

The actor, who now lives in Tefle in the Ga Adangme district, revealed the ECG had cut him off from the national grid for about five years now.

He stated that he had an outstanding debt of about GHC5,000 and appealed for funds. He also opened up on how he lost his sight.

Mr. Addo revealed that he was scheduled to travel abroad with some renowned actors and actresses following the success of a movie they shot.

“I was all set to travel to the United States; my passports and five-year stay permit was granted and that was when I started feeling the pain in my eye, so I proceeded to see a doctor who told me it was nothing major with my eye,” he stated.

He added that after a painful period of operation, he had to forfeit the trip when his eye began to deteriorate.

The veteran stated that despite the operation his right eye which at the time was healthy, began to hurt and gradually he lost sight in that eye too.

Meanwhile, reacting to the NLA donation, Mr. Addo said he was thankful to the Authority and MzGee. He stated that he was thankful the TV personality came to interview him and tell the world about his problem.

“I am lost for words, I don’t know how to start but the good Lord be praised, I thank them also…I just feel like weeping, I thank you, God be raised, I thank you,” he said.


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