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Nigerian singer Asa threatens Joeboy with copyright lawsuit, demands ₦300m

Nigerian musician Asa is threatening to sue her colleague Joeboy for copyright infringement a month after the latter released his new song ‘Contour’.

‘Contour’ was produced by Alague Michael Chidozie, also known as Tempoe.

In a legal notice shared on Joeboy‘s Instagram stories, Asa‘s Management claimed that the former’s new song samples a musical composition she had done.

They claimed that the producer, Tempoe, who was present during her recording sessions, used her composition on ‘Contour’ without her consent.

“We are aware that the use of our composition in the song was not authorised by our client, neither has she reached any commercial arrangements with you and your team for the recording, public performance, commercial release or distribution of the song which embodies our composition.”

Asa and her team are demanding that Joeboy should apologise, pull down ‘Contour’ from all streaming platforms and pay her 60% of the publishing proceeds and ₦300,000,000 in damages.

“We, at this moment, demand that you immediately remove the song from all DSPs and any other platform within 24 hours of your receipt of this letter, with a written apology issued to our client, as well as halt any additional infringements of our composition including any other infringements.”

“We also demand that the sum of N300,000,000 and the 60% publishing split on the song be assigned to our client,” parts of the statement read.

Nigerian singer Asa threatens Joeboy with copyright lawsuit, demands ₦300m
Reacting to the notice, Joeboy noted, “cos I dey always do love and light you think sey I be soft meat. You said I have 24 hours; it’s been 48hours, do something [sic].”

Meanwhile, music journalist Joey Akan alleged that Asa is suing Tempoe and Joeboy for a beat she did not pay for.

He wrote, “Tempoe is suing Asa mainly for his production on IDG and another record. Asa is suing Joeboy for a beat Tempoe worked on for her, but she reportedly didn’t use or pay for it, but Joeboy did. Tempoe got his injunction and brought down her music. Let’s see if she gets hers too.”

More details

A report by Premium Times Nigeria indicates that this is not the first time Asa and Tempoe have been involved in a legal copyright suit.

Earlier this year, Tempoe sued Asa and P.prime over copyright issues. This led to the retraction of Asa‘s song with Wizkid, IDG, and another titled ‘Love Me or Give Me Red Wine’ off her ‘V’ album.

Tempoe got a court injunction and had the songs taken off digital streaming platforms.

He claimed he initially made the beats for those records, but because he and Asa failed to conclude on the finances, she went to P.prime to reproduce the beats.

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