NDC National Polls: Abdul Aziz Mohammed targets 80% of votes for Zongo Caucus

An aspiring National Coordinator for Zongo Caucus in the upcoming national delegates congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Abdul Aziz Mohammed, has projected he would win the race by 80%.

He said he is targeting not less than the 80% of votes at the congress.

Consequently, the charismatic youth activist who has earned respect at the grassroot level, said securing these votes would guarantee him victory with a wider margin.

“I know I will win the race with a wider margin, but my target is 80% of the votes. I have worked hard and therefore expect that to translate into votes” he said

Speaking to journalists after filing his nomination forms on Wednesday to contest the position mentioned, the Zongo Commando reiterated his commitment to inspire Zongo communities to contribute their qouta towards the 2020 victory of NDC.

He explained that under his watch, he would formulate policies and programmes to streamline political activities in the Zongo communities and deflate the campaign of deceit, lies and propaganda being applied by the New Patriotic Party (NPP), their main opponents in the Zongo areas.

“I have the panacea required to deflate our opponents. They are creating stories and propagating lies that they can transform Zongo communities. I will face them squarely with facts. That is why my team would begin our work with information management in the Zongo areas. They must know the difference between our political tradition and the others and understand very well the party that is committed to their welfare” he stressed.

The Tamale hero currently residing in Accra, said he was not perturbed by the sensational campaign of the NPP in trying to win new souls in Zongo communities.

According to him, no matter how hard the NPP attempts to convince Zongo communities, they would be exposed with facts.

He claims the NDC in government has always provided infrastructure for the Zongo communities including schools.

“Most of the schools in the Zongo communities were provided by the NDC in government. That is why they love NDC, and NDC loves them”, he said

“It is not possible to separate Zongo communities from the NDC. But I will further cement that relationship to give NDC mileage over all other political parties in these communities”, he pledged.

He said he would lead the crusade for next NDC administration to focus on prioritizing Zongo communities for speedy development.

Abdul Aziz Mohammed said as a unifier, he would strive to unite the party in the Zongo areas, and build a formidable force capable of meeting the expectations of members and leadership of the party.

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