My mum wept over my first TV appearance – Koo Fori

Koo Fori has revealed that his mother broke down in tears the first time she saw him acting as a drunkard in popular 90’s TV drama, Cantata.

In a one on one with Abeiku Santana’s “Atuu” show on UTV, the actor born Samuel Seth Kyere Karikari said that his mother was returning from church meeting one Sunday afternoon with friends when she saw some drunkard on TV.

According to Koo Fori, his mother was the first to comment about it to her friends only for her to realize it was her own son when the camera zoomed in.

“You know, my mother is uneducated, so at the time, her first impression was, that I was actually drunk. So, coming from a typically Christian home, it shook her to the core. She was heartbroken at the sight of me ‘drunk’ in the eyes of the entire nation so wept bitterly.

“When I went home, I explained it to her and she later understood it was all a make believe” he said.

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