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My father has been having sex with me since I was 3 – Lady confesses

A lady has run to seek shelter on Confessions with Ms Nancy, hoping to find her birth mother after suffering sexual abuse from her biological from the age of three.

She recounts her sexual experience started when her father forcefully took her away from her mother. She said, “The sexual abuse started when I was three. For the first time, he used a cream and his fingers. So that was what he was doing until we moved from my mom to Obuasi. Then he started using ‘his thing’. He also forced me to do blow-jobs.”

She revealed that her grandfather tried to save her by moving with her to another town after catching her father having sex with her.

“According to sources, I was born in Aflao. My father took me away from my mom when I was three years old to his family.
It wasn’t easy living with my dad. When he took me to my grandmother’s place, I slept with him in the same room. But what was happening in that room wasn’t something I was sharing with any family member.

“It was a secret between him and me until one day, my grandpa came to catch us in the act. We were having sex.”

Now she is looking for her mother as her father and grandfather are dead.
Watch the video below, where she leaves her details to help us assist her to find her mother.

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