Musicians are better preachers than pastors – Sasha Marley

Ghanaian reggae legend Sasha Marley has said musicians are more powerful preachers than preachers who have been to Bible school.

The reggae legend was speaking in an interview with Docta Kay on the Accra Chat segment of Nkran Kwanso on Accra100.5FM.

According to the artiste, because music is a calling, musicians preach messages just like the preachers who have been to Bible school do, but their messages carry more import.

The artiste said: “Singing is a calling. God has called us to sing and touch hearts. I’m telling you, those of us who sing are even more powerful than the so-called pastors and prophets. Because the messages will preach, freely we receive freely we give, we get it direct from above and we give it to the world.I don’t necessarily need to be in a clerical for people to know I’m a Pastor or a Prophet or an evangelist. When you play my song ‘Enemies are not Jah’ it tells you, where the song came from.”

He added: “Why Bible School, why should I go to Bible school, to study what. The Holy Spirit gives us the words, the inspiration, he teaches us. The disciples of Jesus, which of them went to Bible school. Peter was a fisherman. The Holy Spirit will inspire you to understand the word of God, and to speak it and to sing it and use it.”

Source: classfmonline.com

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