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Musician Lady Jay unmasks the monster on social media secretly robbing all users

Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Lady Jay has taken a bold step to address the downside of using social media.

In her opinion, social media users are subtly being robbed of their virtues of empathy as people now hide behind the platform to attack individual’s personality in a way that hurts them.

Speaking on TV3 New day Show on Friday, Lady Jay said, “People sit in their homes and judge you by what you post on social media when they do not know who you are in reality. I have had to deal with mean words hurled at me on social media.

“Some people troll me and describe me as ugly. But that is the downside of using Social Media. The positives are a lot though. It gives every creative artiste the mileage to sell their brand”.

Lady Jay, who calls herself a ‘Rebel’ however, urged users of this technology-based platform to use it for good and not allow the monster in the system to corrupt their characters.

“Why use social media to hurt people with your words when you can use it to spread joy and happiness,” Lady Jay said.

The young artiste has consequently released a song titled Social Media which is currently attracting high ratings all around the world.

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