“Misinformed” IMANI doing the bidding of paymasters – Andah

George Andah says the only justification for IMANI Africa’s opposition to the $89 million contract between the government of Ghana and Kelni GVG is the group “doing the bidding of their paymasters”.

According to the deputy communications minister, IMANI’s criticisms against the deal are “unreasonable”, “misinformed” and a “desperate attempt to mislead the public”.

“What is all these noise about? You would clearly realize that unless there is somebody who has reason to hide revenue that’s been generated, there’s no other reason to fight against the law being enforced…which is backed by a solid policy,” Mr. Andah said on Starr FM.

Policy think-tank IMANI Africa and the Ministry of Communications are engaged in a heated argument over the award of contract to KelniGVG to render revenue assurance services covering telecommunication companies.

The communications minister denied accusations by IMANI that the company is duplicating the services of two existing companies, Subah Infosolutions and Afriwave Limited.

Government explains that the contracts signed with Subah and Afriwave have been terminated and reviewed respectively to prevent any form of duplication of services with KelniGVG.

Contrary to claims by IMANI that the contract awarded to the new company is a drain on the resources of the country, the Minister insists Ghana is making a monthly savings of $1.1 million on account of KelniGVG’s engagement.

Mr Andah however explained that Kelni GVG’s scope of execution is different from Afriwave’s and Subah Info Solution’s stressing that, “We will enforce this policy and we will do everything to make sure that at the end of the day the government and the people of Ghana are going to get the right data that we need.”

“What could be better than having a system that’s giving us the information real time for us, to inform proper planning if we are saying that we are building a ‘Ghana beyond Aid’? It is unreasonable to try and challenge whatever it is that we are doing,” he added.

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