Menzgold to pay clients soon – Islamic Cleric assures

Self-acclaimed spiritual hacker who is globally known for his mysterious spiritual calculations says troubled gold dealership firm, Menzgold Ghana Limited, will soon pay half of its aggrieved clients.

“Through my spiritual calculations, dreams and all spiritual signals points out that Menzgold company limited will soon pay 40% of his clients,” he said.

According to Mallam Shamuna Uztaz Jibri, only 40% of the clients who are “spiritually backed” will get their money, but insisted they “need serious prayers as well”.

The soothsayer told in an interview that his outfit “will create another avenue for additional 5% of the payment to be made spiritually to troubled clients.”

“When the time is due, people will see it live and coloured, I know the spiritual rough road to pass to retrieve the money for some clients who are not connected and don’t have any influence or do not have any grounds at all to receive their monies,” he claimed.

Adding that – “The rest of the clients should just turn to God for help.”

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