Mayhem in Tumu as youth clash with police

One person has died and several others injured after police in Tumu in the Upper West Region reportedly opened fire on the irate youth of the area on Friday.

The incensed youth who were protesting the death of a man who drowned in a dam after being chased by the police reportedly stormed the Tumu police station, lock up police officers and attempted to burn the station.

The deceased, Kanwei Hanidu, 21, was among the several youth who were escaping arrest on Thursday after the police carried out a swoop on suspected ‘wee’ smokers.

The suspects run into the Tumu dam to seek refuge but Hanidu was unsuccessful as his body was retrieved Friday morning. The unrestrained angry youth accused the police of having a hand in the young man’s death.

Peeved by the loss they stormed the Tumu police station, vandalized equipment, including two police vehicles and other properties.

Upon seeing the marauding youth and fearing a siege they run indoors and started opening fire resulting in two persons being hit by the bullet and we rushed to the Tumu Hospital.

The incident has caused uneasy calm in the area as the residents have vowed not to allow the police who want to take custody of the body of the deceased for autopsy.

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