Mankessim murder: Residents rain curses on two accused

The two accused persons in the Mankessim ritual murder case appeared in court on Tuesday, October 4, 2022; and were remanded by the judge till October 18.

In court, a third accused person by the name of Jonathan Obeng was added to the charge sheet that already had Tufuhene of Ekumfi Akwaakrom, Christopher Ekow Clarke and one Pastor Michael Darko.

They are standing trial for the murder of a prospective student nurse by the name of Georgina Asor Botchwey.

When the day’s sitting ended and the two accused were being ushered into police vehicles by heavily armed guards, residents and relatives of the deceased accosted them and rained insults and curses on them.

In a Ghana News Agency video cited by the media, a weeping elderly woman refers to one accused person as a wizard repeating severally, ‘God will punish you,” amid wailing.

Another man is spotted pointing fingers at the other accused hurling insults. As the police vehicle carrying them drives off, bystanders hoot and continue to insult the accused persons.

The Mankessim murder case involves a young lady, Georgina Asor Botchwey, who had travelled to Cape Coast with the hope of being admitted into the nursing school there but was later discovered to have been killed and buried.

Her remains were discovered in a shallow grave dug in the kitchen of the Tufuhene who was reportedly aided by Michael Darko, a pastor and fiancé of the sister of the deceased.

The family has since called for the court to expedite the trial and grant it closure in the matter.

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