Mama Linda Tw*rks In Mini Skirt – Video Causes Stir

TikTok star, Linda Osei has become the latest social media sensation causing havoc with her backside!

The mother of 4 has obviously joined the likes of Hajia Bintu, Hajia4real and the others who flaunt botors on social media.

Recently, Maa Linda has caused a massive stir as she single-handedly fought a group of TikTokers after they came at her for body-shaming actress Vivian Jill.

Linda Osei broke down in tears at a point, but she has come back stronger!

Currently, she has resorted to adding more content than just mocking people in videos.

The new deal for Linda Osei is flaunting nyash.

Once again she has been captured tw*rking in a mini skirt.

She deliberately packed her heavy botors in a short skirt to showcase it in a dance.

This comes after she recently stormed the streets in the U.S in tight clothes showing off her banging body.

The mother of 4 keeps is on social media to stay and nothing can stop her! No one will dim her shine!!

Watch the video below;

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