Make a deliberate effort to own a copy of the 1992 Constitution – NCCE

The Deputy Chairman, Finance and Administration at the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Kathy Addy, has urged citizens of Ghana to make a deliberate effort to own a copy of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

This she explained will help citizens know their duties and responsibilities as captured in Article 41 of the 1992 Constitution. She made these remarks when participated in the Commission’s 2021 Constitution Week Celebration.

Ms. Kathy Addy together with staff of the Commission engaged sections of the public in the Accra business district speaking to well meaning Ghanaians on the relevance of the celebration and educating the public on their duties as citizens of Ghana.

She emphasised the need for every Ghanaian to learn about the rights and respinsibilities in order to defend the Constitution and contribute meaningfully to the development of Ghana.

Stressing on the relevance of the week, she explianed that the 1992 Constitution is the primary law of the Land, and it is incumbent on every citizen to at least own one and read in order to actively participate in Ghana’s democracy and be familiar with the laws of the land.

Ms. Addy interacted with taxi drivers, market women and traders and those who answered questions correctly on their duties as citizens were given some copies of the 1992 Constitution.

This year’s Constitution Week celebration has seen the NCCE distributing copies of the 1992 Constitution to members of the public and newsmen.


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