Mahama and Lordina celebrate 29th marriage anniversary

The wife of former President John Mahama is filled with gratitude while celebrating 29 years of marriage with her “love”.

In a post on Facebook, Lordina Mahama shared a photo of herself and her husband stating that marrying Mr Mahama is the “most wonderful decision” she ever made.

Although life together has been a wonderful experience, Mrs Mahama acknowledged that being patient, persevering and staying committed has kept them for these years.

“The most wonderful decision I ever took in my entire life was to share my life and heart with you. It has been such a wonderful experience living with you for the last 29 years.

While it’s true that destiny brought us together, I strongly believe our patience, perseverance, and commitment to each other are the attributes that have kept our union strong and allowed it to stand the test of time,” she wrote.

Mrs Mahama said she has enjoyed her journey with the former President and looks forward to many more memories with him.

“Thank you for making my life so beautiful and complete. Happy anniversary to us, my love!”

Her love, former President John Dramani Mahama, also told the world about how loving and supportive his wife has been all these years.

For him, all he could have needed in a life partner has been provided to him by his wife for the past 29 years.

“It’s been 29 years and more. You’ve been just what a wife and life partner should be- caring, loving, supportive and a truly loving mother. Happy anniversary, Lordina,” he communicated on his Facebook platform.


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