M.anifest ‘barges’ into Hitz FM studio to congratulate Sarkodie

In all the brouhaha that marred this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, one thing that stuck with people is the word “congratulations”.

On Thursday morning, rapper M.anifest also decided to “congratulate” his supposed “arch rival” Sarkodie in the Hitz FM studio.

The atmosphere was full of laughter and humour as M.anifest got host of Daybreak Hitz, Andy Dosty, his producer and panellists thinking about the infamous Shatta-Stonebwoy incident that climaxed the VGMA.

The rapper walked into the studio uninvited where Sarkodie was sitting granting an interview.

His statement “I only came to congratulate him,” brought out laughter and cheers from people in the studio as the VGMA fracas came to mind.

M.anifest had just finished his interview on Joy FM and decided to step into the Hitz FM studio to see Sarkodie.

Considering their history, a meeting of the two will definitely get heads turning especially when people have been on M.anifest’s case for dissing Sarkodie in his latest track ‘Rapper 101’.

However, the rapper in his interview denied such accusations saying there was no bad blood between them

Sarkodie also in his interview revealed he and M.anifest are cool.

This meeting will dispel any dissing rumours more clearly than any statement from the two would.

For those who may not know the significance of such a meeting, M.anifest and Sarkodie were also embroiled in one of the biggest rap beefs the country has ever witnessed.

In 2016, M.anifest, in his ‘godMC’ track, took digs at Sarkodie after he released his “Bossy” song. Sarkodie also quickly replied to M.anifest in his “Kanta” track.

Their beef songs trended on social media for several weeks and generated a lot of public debate.

Since then, the two have rarely been seen together.

In December 2018, fans had the opportunity to see the two meet in front of The Multimedia Group’s building.

As faith would have it, M.anifest had just finished an interview on Hitz FM while Sarkodie was also waiting for an interview on Joy FM.

As M.anifest exited the building, Sarkodie stepped out of his black Range Rover to exchange pleasantries with his “arch-rival.”

It is unclear what transpired during their conversation as they shook hands and embraced each other.

Watch the video below:


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