Loss of my case at African Court disappointing – Woyome

Embattled businessman Alfred Woyome has expressed disappointment over his loss to the state in his case filed at the African Court on Human Rights and Peoples Rights in Tanzania.

Mr. Woyome applied to the Continental court arguing a violation of his right in relation to the case in which he sued Ghana for abrogating a financial engineering services contract and was paid GHS51.2million.

But the Arusha-based court held that “the applicant has not demonstrated or substantiated how he has been discriminated against or treated differently” under Article 2 and 3 of the Charter.

The Malawian judge, Lady Justice Tujilane Rose Chizumila, also dismissed the applicant’s request for reparations because there were no established violations.

“The issue of reparation does not arise” she said.

”Consequently, the applicant’s prayer for reparation is dismissed”, the court said and also decided not to award cost to any party.

Ghana’s Supreme court on Thursday ordered that several properties identified as belonging to the businessman be sold to offset some 51 Million Ghana Cedis judgment debt paid illegally to him by the State.

The Aide and Spokesperson for Alfred Woyome, Reginald Seth Dogbe in an interview said in as much as the ruling against Mr. Woyome is unfortunate, they have no option than to abide by the judgment.

“Indeed we lost the case by 7 to 4 and it didn’t go as we expected it, as people, we understand the legal system and the rule of law we respect the outcome of today’s ruling. Our lawyers would do what is necessary. My Woyome is fine even though the case did not go as he wanted but there’s nothing he can do because you go to the court believing your case is strong if it didn’t go your way so be it, he can use the gun or anything. He understands the legal system and he respects the outcome of the ruling.”

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