Lifestyle: Drink green tea for flawless skin

Green tea is the new remedy for a glowing skin. This beverage is imbibed with many antioxidants making it a common ingredient in a lot of lotion and potion.

It has also been found to protect the skin from UV rays. This is because it contains catechins. About 25% of the weight of a tea leaf is accounted for by catechins. The most abundant type of catechin in green tea is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which provides sun protection.

Catechin is responsible for green tea extract’s anti-aging properties. ECGC blocks collagen ‘crosslinking’ that accelerates the aging of cells. In Korea, researchers applied a 10% concentration of EGCG to aged skin three times a week for six weeks and noted that the result was increased the epidermal thickness.

Drinking green tea daily can be helpful in weight loss to preventing dental decay. Green tea’s preventative effects against cancer are well documented. There is also research that long-term drinking of green tea protects the structure of the erythrocytes membrane in skin cells that are normally disturbed by the process of aging.

So if you’re looking to boost energy and get a flawless skin, you should keep green tea somewhere on your desk.

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