Legendary Ghanaian Actor David Dontoh Shockingly Reveals He’s Also A Doctor

Legendary Ghanaian actor David Dontoh has revealed that his dream has always been to be a doctor and he’s managed to do that through his work over the years.

The actor speaking at YFm’s Y-Leadership series said that he has realised through his work that he has not just been an actor but a doctor, a lawyer and a teacher.

He said it’s because as an actor ‘you heal, you teach and you preach the gospel’ in the acting.

Dontoh said about the impact of acting: “You must transform human beings in so many ways, you must bring happiness to people, you must bring a lot of thinking to people and let them understand that this life is transient and they have to make the best of it at any point in time that they find themselves”

The actor said earlier in his career he was hell-bent on making his doctor dream come true but he gave up once he realised he is healing people through his work.

Luckily for him, the actor says his daughter has now become a doctor to make his dream come true for real.

Dontoh went ahead to give career advice to up and coming thespians.

“If you want to be any professional, know that any presentation you do is public speaking which you learn as an actor so a lot of people talk to me and they marvel at the fact that I’m an actor yet I know so much about politics or geography, history, culture and a whole lot and I tell them that it is thanks to my upbringing because all-round reading was a part of the culture in the home” he said.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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