Law Sch. Entrance Exams: Admit rejected 499 students into virtual school – Eduwatch

Education think tank, Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch) wants the General Legal Council (GLC) to revoke its decision of denying some 499 candidates admission into the Ghana School of Law, despite passing the 2021 entrance exam.

Eduwatch contends the action is unfair and unjustifiable arguing that it contradicts the government’s agenda of doubling tertiary enrolment by 2030.

“This action of the Ghana School of Law contradicts government’s own agenda of doubling tertiary enrolment by 2030 and creating equal opportunities for career progression and skills development as a means of curbing graduate unemployment.”

“How would the Government of Ghana attract more students into tertiary education when graduates from our law faculties, even after passing the Law School’s entrance exams, cannot gain admission to the Ghana School of Law?”

This was contained in a press statement issued on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

It however made a case for the rejected students to either be accepted as in-person or virtual students.

“We call on the Ghana School of Law to admit the 499 students either as in-person or virtual students, in line with the government’s tertiary education policy.”


A total of 790 students out of 2824 students passed the 2021 School of Law entrance exams, which is a reduction in the number of students who passed last year’s.

The list of successful candidates sighted by indicates that 28 percent gained entrance to Ghana’s only institution for training lawyers.

A total of 1045 students passed the 2020 exams.

The rate of failure in the entrance exams has become a matter of national discussion over the years.


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