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Kufour’s suggestion for an Upper Chamber to replace Council of State brilliant – Lawyer

Tachie Antiedu, a private legal practitioner, has backed former President John Agyekum Kufour’s call to abolish the Council of State and replace it with an Upper Chamber.

The lawyer and author suggested that the suggestion could benefit Ghana.

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has underscored the need for Ghana to abolish the Council of State concept in its governance structure.

In his opinion, the Council has outlived its purpose and should be scrapped.

“I have had a chance to express my views on the Council of State, very honourable distinguished institution, well-meaning. But, I can say I don’t think it is fit for purpose given the state of development of our country and given the fact that the nation is committed to practicing democratic governance.”

He was speaking at a seminar organised by the Professor Mike Oquaye Centre for Constitutional Studies at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), in Aburi, Eastern Region, on Tuesday.

To replace the Council of State, he proposed that the establishment of
the second chamber of Parliament to play the advisory role to the government.

He called for the review of the constitution to make room for this proposal.

In response to the suggestion, lawyer Antiedu stated that the Council of State has outlived its usefulness because its advice to a “all-powerful president” is merely a rubber stamp.

However, the Upper Chamber, with its binding powers, could help the country greatly.

“In Ghanaian leadership jurisprudence, having an advisory body to support a traditional ruler is most desired and respected. Unfortunately, the transfer of this traditional quality into a formal governance system has not been helpful. If you ask a group of people to counsel an all-powerful President, that group would rubber stamp or give an advice that the President would take. The. Council of State is richly composed. If it’s reconstituted as the upper chamber of our Parliament and given powers to rake binding decisions, Ghana stands to profit supernormally. God bless you more former Prez Kufuor.”

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