KP Boateng now drives cheap fiat car after admitting he wasted money on cars

Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng now drives around with £17,000 Fiat car after admitting he previously wasted money on cars as a youngster.

The hardworking midfielder was spotted in his new modest drive with his wife Melissa Satta in Milan.

The 31-year-old who previously played for AC Milan and Las Palmas was known for spending lavishly during his time with Spurs and AC Milan.

The suspended Ghana international was spotted with Satta as he looked to move on from wasting money on cars and parties in his younger days.

Boateng has played in Germany, England, Italy and Spain, and but now seems settled at Frankfurt in the Bundesliga.

Boateng has scored six times in the Bundesliga and also captained the team on a couple of occasions.

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