Kokomlemle residents call for underground power transmission cables

Residents of Sadisco Junction at Kokomlemle in Accra are calling for the installation of underground power transmission cables in their vicinity.

This comes after three electricity poles were pulled down by a loaded truck on Thursday as a result of its height.

The incident according to residents frightened some commuters who took to their heels.

According to residents, when the underground power transmission cables will reduce the frequency of such incidents in the area and save lives in the process.

JoyNews/AdomNews · Residents of Kokomlemle call for underground power transmission cables
An eyewitness, who was at the scene recounted to JoyNews what happened.

“We have this area cable that crosses the streets so this long vehicle, which has loaded at a particular height was passing and because the cables have sagged, it pulled the cables and the stand affecting other cables in line,” the eye witness said.

Some residents also called on the government to consider the creation of underground canals, where such cables could be channelled in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

“Why don’t we have canals where all the wires, which we see on the roof side, can in placed downwards. That to have people digging and covering. You would see pavement designed nicely and then later you would see people digging, is like, we are just going back and forth.

“There is something we call a combined chamber with strings underground, it’s a bit expensive if we are able to do it you will retain the money back,” a resident advised.

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