Juju is knowledge and wisdom, only kills when you are ‘stupid’ – Spiritualist

It is an erroneous assertion that ‘Juju’ is evil or demonic, Spiritualist Christopher Voncujovi has said.

The custodian of the African Magick Temple who majors in stage illusion and spiritualism sought to argue, during an interview with Ghanaweb, that the ‘demonisation’ of the African Traditional religion, is a mere figment of people’s imaginations, in fact, he says, there is a need for demystification such that people get to understand the underlying facts.

Speaking to Ghanaweb on ‘People and Places’, Voncujovi likened ‘juju’ to the application of the human mind to solve life problems and bring relief to the human race.

According to him, ‘Juju’ only ‘backfires’ at persons who choose to start ‘fires’ they aren’t prepared to ‘quench’, otherwise, he would describe it as ‘Wisdom and knowledge’.

‘You have to demystify the African’s mind to tell them, they are also human beings and they also matter, they also have knowledge and wisdom, you know how I classify what people call ‘Juju’? Knowledge and Wisdom’, he stated.

Using a thorny tree to illustrate, he said ignoring ‘common sense’ and choosing to embrace such a tree will only result in piercings, otherwise, everyone remains unhurt.

‘’You see this plant that it has all thorns can you go and embrace it? No because it would prick you but if you are stupid and ignorant you will go and embrace it and if it pricks you, you will say the tree is bad, that’s how ‘Juju’ is,’’ he stated.

He added that In Ghana , Vodu practitioners are very resourceful and play a pivotal role in many spheres of people’s lives since they are ‘medical knowledge storehouses’ and also serve important roles as teachers of the African traditional spirituality.

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