IMF Bailout: If you’re failing, fail with a SWAG – KSM mocks NPP

The ruling NPP government have come under attack from all quarters since it came out to publicly declare its intent to turn to International Monetary Fund (IMF) for rescue due to the country’s economic woes.

The latest person to join the trolling on social media is Kweku Sintim Misah otherwise known as KSM.

As if to remind the New Patriotic Party of their “sins”, he tweeted about how John Mahama and the NDC were tagged as failures for going to IMF.

“The NPP says, it is better than the NDC, the NDC failed miserably and went to IMF, the NPP is going to IMF but this time, it is a better failure. If you will fail, fail with a swag,” the comedian tweeted.

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