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IMF Bailout: Akua Donkor will do a better job – Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, has said that if all it takes to salvage a wobbling economy is running to IMF for a bailout, then Akua Donkor can easily run this country.

Contributing to the debate on government’s sudden u-turn to go to IMF for a bailout after severally denying the possibility of going to the Bretton Woods Institution on the political talk show ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’ on July 2, 2022, he expressed his disappointment over the development.

“If all it takes for a government to manage a functioning economy is to run to IMF, saying we can’t do it -so please come and help us recover our economy, then Akua Donkor can easily manage this country,” the veteran journalist said.

According to Kwesi Pratt, what has brought Ghana’s economy to its knees is the imprudent management of national resources. Hence, turning to the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) for economic recovery would further worsen the situation in the country.

“Our economy has sunk this low because our leaders are empty-headed and have failed to own and explore our own resources to generate wealth. I am not a soothsayer or a prophet but mark my words, Ghana will be worst off if they sign on to IMF program as a solution to its economic woes. What we need now is a new paradigm to own and explore our own resources to our benefit,” Mr Pratt added.

The veteran Journalist expressed disbelief over the fact that a leader like Gen Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, in the 70’s could negotiate for 55% stake in gold extraction for Ghana when we are currently getting just 3% from same.

“Former leader, Kutu Acheampong schooled at Sweduro Business College, yet appointees of Akufo Addo’s government who are graduates of Harvard University are only able to negotiate for just 3% returns on mineral exports. This is unbelievable,” he fumed.

He was quick to caution the largest opposition party, NDC, who he claimed had been chanting to the ruling NPP to go to IMF that if this move fails they’re equally liable.

“The NDC was standing on the sidelines chanting to government, ‘Go to IMF’. I hope they are happy now”.

Mr Pratt, maintains that IMF won’t solve our problem. “Our suffering is going to worsen unless our leaders resolve to do a fundamental restructuring in various sectors to reflect the true situation and act responsibly,” he said.

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