I’m tone-deaf, can’t dance or do anything music – Majid Michel

Award-winning actor, Majid Michel has said that among his nine siblings, he is the only one who did not receive the gift of music.

Majid stated that he is unable to perceive differences in musical pitch accurately when producing or hearing them.

According to the now turned evangelist, his six brothers and three sisters, who are senior to him, are all able to play a musical instrument, except him.

“One big house. Six boys, four girls. I’m the last, so I was the spoilt one. I got everything I wanted. They didn’t want me to cry.

All of them did music. They all can play a musical instrument but I alone. I don’t know what happened. I am tone-deaf. I can’t play the piano, guitar. I can’t do anything music. God just didn’t put it in me.”

Interacting with Fifi Folson on The Reason is Jesus on Joy FM, on Sunday, the 41-year-old movie sensation narrated how he had to employ tactics to ensure roles in movies that required him to dance were executed.

“I am one of those people who dance to the words of the music and not the beat. I clap when no one is clapping and I’m like, let me wait and see when everyone is clapping then I go with them.

I just don’t hear the beat. If I am supposed to dance in a movie, I’m in trouble. Then I have to act the dancing because it doesn’t come naturally,” he said.

Touching on how he ventured into the movie industry, he said God gave him the gift of acting. According to him, he started acting in school but did not consider that professionally.

“Amateur acting – on stage. I played the Italian Prime Minister Lamberto Dini in a UN mock session where all the schools in Ghana came together. We were to re-enact the United Nations setup. I came second and Wesley Girls came first. I remember her name clearly, Josephine Dapaah. She played Tony Blair.”

Majid revealed that due to the efforts of his neighbour, he was able to turn acting into his profession.

“My first movie was a series, ‘Things you do for love’. My neighbour, Eliot said “Majid after school, do you want to make money?’ I said yeah. He said there is a modeling agency, Super Modeling Agency. So we went there. They give you an advert and they take a percentage.

So one of the deals that came was Speak Easy, it was a radio drama. It was awareness about HIV/AIDS for the youth. It was on Joy and after the radio, they said let’s put it on TV. Ivan Quashigah was the director so we had an audition to see who plays who, because on radio, we act with the voice.

That is how it started. Then we started discovering who we were,” he recounted.

Meanwhile, the award-winning actor says his focus is now on the knowledge of the things of God.


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