If You Haven’t Made It to BBC, keep your criticism to yourself -Sarkodie

Rapper Sarkodie has called out Ghanaian radio presenters and pundits who criticised him and his colleagues for their inability to go international.

According to him, those presenters don’t have the moral right to do so if they haven’t made any big career moves internationally.

He specifically mentioned presenters who have been working on Ghanaian radio for close to two decades but haven’t made it onto world platforms like the BBC as the kind of people he was referring to.

“It is easy for someone to sit on the radio and say that Shatta Wale or Sarkodie didn’t do this or that. I know that we the artistes have things we should do because every time there is a step but if you are on a Ghanaian radio for close to 20years and you’ve not moved to a platform like Choice or BBC, I don’t think you have the moral right to talk about Ghanaian artistes who have not moved,” he said in a viral video from an interview.

The rapper explained his point of view citing how the late Ghanaian BBC journalist, Komla Afeke Dumor gave him a big spot on the BBC as media personality who went International with his job.

In 2013, Sarkodie was featured in an interview with BBC Africa’s Paul Bakibinga. “I for instance was on BBC because of Komla Dumor, he made it possible,” he added.

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