‘If he’ll go, let him go in good health, on victory note’ – Duncan-Williams prays for ailing Benny Hinn

Ghanaian preacher Nicholas Duncan-Williams has led his church to pray for healing for fellow preacher Benny Hinn, who, according to him, is down with a heart problem.

The Israeli Televangelist turns 70 in December this year but currently battling for his life at the hospital with a heart condition.

“I want us to pray for Dr Benny Hinn right now”, rallied Archbishop Duncan-Williams on Sunday, 1 May 2022 during his service, announcing to the congregation: “I’m told that he’s having some health crisis with his heart.”

“Wherever Benny Hinn is, let this not be the way he ends his ministry”, he prayed.

“If he will go, let him go in good health and let him go on the note of victory and let it not be that he left the scene because he was sick”, the founder of Action Chapel International supplicated.

“He will go on the note of victory, not sickness”, the Ghanaian preacher declared.

“We send prayers to Dr Benny Hinn. Wherever Benny is, we lift prayers, we lift intercession, we make atonement for Benny Hinn, right now”.

“Lift up prayer, open your mouth, put your hands together, call the name of Benny Hinn, release him, loosen him from the power of the adversary, command his recovery, command his healing, let him not go down this way”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams prayed.

“Oh God, remember your son Benny Hinn for good, touch him Lord, send an angel of the Lord to touch Dr Benny Hinn, revive him, quicken his [health], give him a fresh and a new heart, restore your servant to health; we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen”.


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