I was in support of compiling a new register – Joyce Aryee

Ghanaian Politician and former Minister for Education under the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), Joyce Aryee, has affirmed that she was in support of the government’s decision of the Electoral Commision compiling a new voters’ register.

During a studio interaction with Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show, she said, “I was in support of the compilation of a new register. When you look at the way we compile our register, there are so many non-Ghanaians who are able to participate and that is disturbing”.

Per her observation, a lot of non-Ghanaians were able to register previously because some requirements such as the National Health Insurance identification card is not limited to Ghanaians only.

However, with the new register, the requirement of the passport makes it easier to identify whether or not one is a Ghanaian because when applying for a passport, a lot more details are needed than just what is on the person’s birth certificate or other ID cards.

“Also with the passport, they capture your eyes, and many other things because of the biometric process”, madam Joyce added.

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