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I turned down an acting role on homosexuality – Adjetey Anang reveals

Actor Adjetey Anang popularly known as ‘Pusher’ has revealed that he turned down a role on homosexuality in his early days of acting.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A to Z, he said he made that decision out of fear over the influence the role may have had in his life.

“I did turn down a role on homosexuality. It was requesting me to be in briefs and some scenes naked. I mean these were pretty early days for me and I didn’t want to position myself to be showing my butt to the world,” he said.

JoyNews/AdomNews · I turned down an acting role on homosexuality – Adjetey Anang reveals
He added that another reason he declined acting the role was “the story had no position where the stance was whether they were for it or they were not for it, and there were just throwing things in there dangerously for the public and I wasn’t prepared for a storyline like that.”

He stated that he was not prepared for a gay role because of the backlash he could get from the viewers.

“….you know people haven’t really accepted that or people were not even beginning to question or find details of this culture or lifestyle and here I was projecting this character,” he said.

He, however, stated that he did not turn down a gay role in the ‘Run for your wife’ movie because the lines were really spelt out and were well structured.

“This is a story that has gone through the process. This is a movie that somebody thought it was a nice subject of the day and why not just through into the market, it would draw the audience coming in.

“So it was a two different thing in one, somebody was taking advantage of a scenario just to make money and the other it was well structured,” he added.


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