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I regret opening a restaurant because of the attitude of my workers – Actress Vivian Jill

Popular Ghanaian Actress Vivian Jill who is now operating a restaurant in Kumasi in addition to acting says the attitude of some of her employees sometimes make her feel bad and discouraged in her business.

According to her, she does everything humanly possible to motivate and ensure good welfare of her workers but in the end they will rather think they are doing her a favour.

"I simply cannot understand the way some workers behave towards their work. I have opened a restaurant to give some jobless people employment. Instead of them to work hard to bring returns to ensure the progress of the work, they will rather do what they like.

"Even this morning I was so angry at my workers for their lackadaisical attitude. I'm someone who doesn't like cheating. So I make sure I pay my workers regularly whether business go well or not.

"Even the motor riders who do dispatch, I allow them to take their motors home to save their transport fare. But upon all this, they think they are doing me a favour. It makes me regret establishing the restaurant".

The beautiful actress, aside the ordeal she is passing through as a result of her employees also talked about what she sometimes witness at other people's business.

"This poor attitude of workers does not apply to me alone. It is like a general problem. You will go to a hair saloon and some of the ladies there will deliberately waste the shampoo just like that because they don't buy with their money. Yet at the end of the month they are the first people to demand their salary. It's so pathetic" she noted.

Vivian Jill, a mother of one has featured in so many local movies. Though innocent, she plays every role assign her effectively to the admiration of her fans. However, she says one particular role she will never accept again if she has her own way is to be a "witch" in a movie.

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